Physical Therapy Services, St. Albans, Vermont

Rehabilitation Services

Come to Franklin County Rehab for a personalized and complete treatment program, whether you’re recovering from a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or joint replacement surgery. Our main goal is to return…

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Long-Term Care

At Franklin County Rehab Center, our reputation rests on the quality care we provide. Our long-term care program offers nursing services 24 hours a day from our friendly and knowledgeable…

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Special Services, Franklin County Rehab Center in Northern VT

Special Services

We’re dedicated to making sure you have a healing and relaxing stay at Franklin County Medical Center and provide special services to help round out your experience with us. Special…

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Physical Therapy Services, St Albans, Vermont

Physical Therapy

Recovering from an injury or recently had surgery? Our amazing physical therapy team at Franklin County Rehab is here to help you recover quickly with an individualized treatment program based…

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Occupational Therapy Services, St. Albans, Vermont

Occupational Therapy

At Franklin County Rehab, our main priority is getting you to a place where you can actively participate and engage in activities at home, work, and in your self-care. Our…

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Speech Therapy Services, St. Albans, Vermont

Speech Therapy

The expert speech therapy team at Franklin County Rehab works to help improve and maintain your communication systems in a thorough and enjoyable way. We use a variety of programs…

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