Frequently Asked Questions

Does a corporation run this facility

This facility is owned by the Condon’s from St. Albans. They also own Holiday House Residential Care facility.

What is the process for admission

For a rehabilitation stay: During a hospitalization, the social worker at the hospital will contact us to review your health information. You may also call our admissions coordinator to request a room or fill out our contact form. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, there is a required 3-night hospital admission for coverage. If you are transferred from another setting or admitted from home, an in-person doctor visit is required 48 hours prior to or after admission.

For long-term placement: We require some health information to review, either from your local home health agency or your primary care physician. Our long-term beds are limited and first priority is given to residents in-house who were not able to discharge after their rehab stay.

What are your private room rates

Semi-Private Room: $315.00 per day
Private Room Without a Shower: $325.00 per day
Private Room With a Shower: $350.00 per day*
Private Rehab Room: $430.00*

*Television and telephone services are included in these rates.

What are the visiting hours

Visiting hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The main door of the facility is locked between the hours of 10:00pm through 7:00am. The remaining doors are locked from 7:00pm through 7:00am. Please call the facility if you would like to visit during these times and someone will open the door for you.

Who provides your therapy services

We contract all of our therapy service through Premier Therapy.

How often will I receive therapy

Most rehab residents receive therapy 1-2 times per day, 6 days a week. Please speak with your therapist if you have specific scheduling questions.

How often will the doctor visit me

The doctor will see you upon admission and then on an as needed basis but not less than required by regulations. Please see the charge nurse if you have questions about your next doctor visit.

Can I make and receive phone calls

On our rehab unit, you may make local phone calls by dialing 9 first. To make long distance phone calls a calling card is required. You can receive phone calls directly in your room. Please see a staff member for the specific number. If you are receiving rehab services in one of our long-term care rooms please see the social worker regarding phone services. We do not provide phone service for long-term residents. If you would like this service you may contact Fairpoint to request set-up. These services will be billed to you.

Can I get more cable channels

We are using a dish service for our current television programming. We are not able to add additional channels to our package with our current provider. If you would like different channels, you have the option to contact Comcast at 1-800-266-2278. All cable that is set up with Comcast will be billed to you privately by Comcast. We do not provide cable service for long-term residents. If you would like this service you may contact Comcast for set-up and these services will be billed to you.

Do you have internet services

Yes, our facility does offer wireless Internet access. Please see a staff member for the current wireless password. You are welcome to bring in your own laptop computer.

Will I receive a bill for my rehab stay

You should not receive a bill for your rehab stay unless you have not had a qualifying hospital stay or are no longer making progress with therapy. You will be billed for your co-insurance days if your insurance denies coverage. If you have a Managed Medicare insurance plan, your out of pocket expenses may vary. Please see the Social Worker or the Business Office Manager for further details.

How do I pay for hairdressing services

You may either leave money in the business office, pay by cash or check the day of service directly to the hairdresser, or we can send you a bill.

Where do I find laundry that is missing

Located on the end of the Champlain wing is the laundry room. Outside of the laundry room is where we keep unclaimed clothing. A staff member will be happy to look for you if you are not able to do so yourself. If you are missing any items during your stay, please report it to your social worker.

Do you allow animals to visit

Yes, we encourage families to bring in pets to visit. We do ask that dogs are on a leash and cats be brought in a carrier. All animals must be up to date with their vaccinations.

Do you offer hairdresser services

Yes. Our hairdressers are Colonial Styling Center on Mondays and Rail City Salon on Tuesday both from St. Albans. The barber visits the last Monday of the month. Your own hairdresser may also use our salon if you so choose. Please coordinate with our activity staff to utilize these services.

Will my primary care physician follow my care at FCRC

This depends on who your Primary Care Physician is. The following physicians currently practice at Franklin County Rehab Center:

  • Dr. Tieg Marco – Medical Director
  • Dr. Michael Corrigan
  • Dr. Lauren Babb
  • Dr. Robert Zelazo (for long-term care patients only)

If your physician is not on the list above, Dr. Tieg Marco will assume your care while you are a resident here, unless you make prior arrangements with another physician on the list above.

What payment and insurance do you accept

We accept Medicare, Vermont Medicaid, Long-term care insurance, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, other private insurance with prior authorization. For those paying privately, we accept cash or check.

How do I request a room for rehab after surgery

You may call our Admissions Coordinator to request a room, or fill out our contact form here. The Social Workers at the hospital will also be able to assist you with a room request during your hospitalization.

What type of activities do you have

We offer a variety of fun activities including, baking, gardening, religious services, physical games and more. We also offer concierge services. Our activities department will be in to welcome you with a welcome bag and to find out what you like to do. We also post calendars in the rooms to inform you of our activity choices.

What is the restorative program

The restorative program is an in-house exercise and ambulation program designed by our physical therapist. This program is done with our restorative aide. The purpose is to maintain range of motion and mobility for our long-term care residents.

Do you offer respite care

Yes, we do offer respite care, depending on our current bed availability. Please call our admissions coordinator to discuss our availability.