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We’re Excited To Tell You About Oasis, A New Way At Franklin County Rehab!

What is Oasis?

Oasis is a culture change that encourages and assists staff to better meet the everyday needs of the people we care for. It is focused on who the person is—rather than looking at them as an illness or a disability. The emphasis of Oasis is to create a home-like atmosphere rather than continue to follow the old-school medical model.

Oasis is all about person-centered care and knowing our residents – not as “residents” but as the “people who live here” & as the individuals that they are!

Michelle (Social Services) and Ann (Resident Services) have completed all four modules with many of the staff, and have been attending monthly coaching/Oasis experience-share meetings.  Earlier this month, at the Vermont Healthcare Association Annual Conference at Lake Morey, we were invited to display our Music and Memory/Messenger article banner and assist with the Oasis booth. It was a pleasure to not only be in attendance at the conference, it was also a great networking opportunity to chat with industry leaders and advocates for quality health care. 

In the picture below, Oasis coaches Michelle Cramer and Ann Hawksby are here under the palm trees with residents Nona Goldstein, Theresa Lamothe, Jean Bigelow, and Marion Cook. 


To learn more about Oasis please visit the VHCA website.


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FCRC Offers New Memory Box Gift Giving Program for Residents With Dementia



Have you heard of a keepsake or memory box before? It’s meant to be used for storing mementos from a special time, event or person. They are typically created to honor one’s life with the purpose of reminding that person of their unique life and the things that matter most to them. We are very excited to introduce a new memory box gift giving program to our residents.

Do you have a family member that struggles with dementia? Memory boxes are a wonderful gift to give to your family member who suffers from the effects of this debilitating illness.  Gifting a memory box is a great way to contribute to the residents well-being and help them feel calm when they may be feeling stressed. Especially during “sun-downing time” when the residents become anxious or fidgety. Our staff sees a typically high spike in uneasiness around sun down time and our hope is that the memory boxes will help with this tense time in the evening.

Want to know how to make a memory box? Simply find a decorative box or cover an old shoe box and inside it you can place old photos (laminated works best), some favorite knick-knacks, post cards if they use to collect them, old costume jewelry they may have held on to, or any little collectibles that they may enjoy.

When your family member does become restless the staff can take out the box and begin looking at the items with them to gain their interest – sometimes this can keep the person busy for quite a while, and may even help them recall fond memories from their past.

If you would like to build a Memory Box please bring it to our Enrichment Director Ann Hawksby, as she will include it in her Care-Planning agenda.  If you need assistance in putting one together, Ann and her Enrichment staff will be more than happy to help! Please email Ann at: or call 802-752-1600 for assistance.



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Music & Memory: Song Tunes Up Memories at Franklin County Rehab

We are very excited to announce that we have introduced a new program at Franklin County Rehab Center! Our Music & Memory program is aimed at helping our residents who experience anxiety, advanced stage dementia or Alzheimer’s, a chance to listen to individualized playlists on an iPod shuffle, and experience the power of music to trigger memories, sing, clap, and enjoy the moment. This new program has been in the works since April, and through a lot of hard work and dedication, our staff was able to make this dream program become a reality.

Some of our residents who have experienced a Music & Memory therapy session have truly enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of personalized music. Through the individual playlists, we are able to create customized tunes that relate specifically to them and what music they used to listen to when they were younger. It’s wonderful to see our residents come to life in a new way, through music. Music makes memories and we are truly thrilled to see them happy and in the moment.

The St. Albans Messenger featured a story on our Music & Memory program earlier this month. Click here to view the first page. For page two, please click here.

To learn more about M&M, please visit the Music & Memory website.

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