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Complete Your Advance Directive This Spring!

The start of April doesn’t just signal the beginning of spring, it is also the launch of our Advance Directive Initiative. During this time we’ll be promoting the importance of advance directives, answering questions about why they are important for young adults to set up, and helping community members complete them.

What is an Advance Directive? Essentially it’s a written document that lays out your decisions regarding future medical treatment in the event that you’re in a situation where you can no longer make them for yourself. You’ll appoint a health care proxy to be able to speak on your behalf.

Who Should Complete an Advance Directive?

Most people think they don’t need any kind of documentation for this until they get older. However, it is recommended that everyone over the age of 18 completes an advance directive. When parents can no longer make medical decisions for you, it’s important to be able to have a say in your medical treatment and appoint a designated person to make these decisions. You never know when a medical event could occur that leaves you unable to communicate your wishes.

How Can You Complete Yours?

Throughout the month of April, Franklin County Rehab and The Villa Rehab will be holding events as part of the Advance Directive Initiative. Be sure to check one out. They’ll walk you through the necessary steps outlined below:

  1. Obtain necessary Advance Directive form

  2. Appoint your trustworthy agent and confirm with them- they can be a family member, friend or spouse

  3. Complete the form and have two non-related people as witnesses

  4. Complete the registry form to send in with your Advance Directive – You are now registered and this can be accessed online at any time!

Upcoming Events:

  • Franklin County Rehab- On April 13th, Marie Walton will be handing out informative pamphlets and the necessary forms needed to complete your advance directive.

  • The Villa Rehab- On April 13th Tina Pelletier and Ronda Parizo will be handing out informative pamphlets and answering any questions community members may have.

  • For more information, visit:
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